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Whole Home DVR Overview

Whole Home DVR lets people access any of the their favorite recorded tv programs from any room in the house. A historical problem with the dvr (digital video recorder), sometimes referred to as a pvr (personal video recorder), in the past has been that shows recorded on the family room DVR, a stand-alone box, could only be watched locally in the family room. Now, the shows recorded in the family room can be accessed, over a network, by any other room with a networkable DVR in the house.

Alternatively, all shows could be recorded on a single DVR from a single central location. This is another form of whole home dvr normally referred to as Network DVR, Remote Storage DVR, or RS-DVR. In this case, the services are provided by a cable company or a phone company. Programs are stored on specialized equipment in a remote central office location or a ca, in the house or from a central location, and distributed to every room in the house OR to a persons laptop or cell phone.

Main Sources of Whole Home DVR Services

Today it's possible to construct your own whole home DVR system using off-the-shelf PC and networking equipment space--you don't necessarily need specialized equipment to distribute your recorded television programs to every room in your house. However there are some very nifty systems you can get from your cable TV operator, your satellite TV operator, and your telephone company or standalone DVR manufacturers.

Multiple Networked DVRs vs. Whole Home DVR

Having networked DVRs is not the same as Whole Home DVR. With networked DVRs, you can pass recorded TV files from one recorder to the other, but you can't stop the show you're watching and continue watching it in the other room. You can set up neteworked DVRs if you have a wired or wireless home network and if your units are networkable. For example, the Tivo Series2, Tivo HD, and Series3 models all have and ethernet port that will work with your wired or wireless network.

DirecTV Whole Home DVR

DirecTV is delivering its new Genie whole home dvr service. using the new HR44 dvr recorderYou can watch a informationall video of the service below.

Dish Network Rolling out Hopper with Sling Technology

Dish is now bundling Sling (owned by Echostar/Dish) remote video transfer technology with its Hopper whole home dvr. That means Hopper customers can now watch their recorded TV on their digital devices using the Dish Anywhere app.

The hopper with Sling lets you transfer your recorded TV shows to your iPad for offline viewing.

Hopper vs. Geneie

Dish has launched a bunch of YouTube videos comparing its new Hopper box to the Genie box offered by DirecTV.

There are a bunch of other comparison videos on the Dish YouTube channel.

Comcast Xfinity AnyRoom DVR

Comcast provides its Xfinity AnyRoom DVR service that lets you start recording TV programs in one room and then finish them in another. They also let you watch different TV recordings on different TVs at the same time. The system provides one primary DVR that serves as a hub to smaller network set top boxes in each of your other rooms.

Cox Whole Home DVR

Cox cable provides whole home DVR using Cisco equipment. They recently announced their plans to provide second screen TV via iPhones and iPads. The system will allow distribution and control of recorded TV programs to any room in the house as well as digital devices.

AT&T Uverse Total Home DVR Services


Verizon FIOS Whole Home DVR


Charter Whole Home DVR


Time Warner Whole Home DVR Services


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